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The Hottest Free Decals now has a large variety of THE HOTTEST free auto decals, free window decals, and free custom car graphics online! Check out some of the FREE DECALS available now.

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Q: How can I receive a FREE decal kit

A: There are a couple of ways you can receive FREE decals. The first is by visiting one of the sponsors web sites and purchasing a decal from them. You will automatically be given the option of choosing a FREE decal kit from here of equal or lesser value. YOU MUST MENTION THIS SITE AND THE PROMO # AT THE TIME OF YOUR ORDER to be eligible. The second way to receive a FREE auto graphics is through our SCAVENGER HUNT.


Q: Does it cost anything to receive a FREE decals kit?

A: No. Everything on is completely FREE! Actual cost for shipping is required for Limited Edition Artwork only.


Q: Whats the catch is this site for real?

A: No catch and yes this site is really giving away FREE decals!


Q: How can you afford to give away FREE decals / graphics?

A: Sponsorships. The sponsors listed on this site make it all possible so please visit their sites. FREE decals and free car graphics sponsorships are what is all about. We do not make a dime.





All free decals and free car graphics currently available are listed below.

The decals and graphics listed are ONLY  available in the colors listed and CAN NOT  be exchanged for any other colors or sizes.

If you see a free car graphic or free decal kit you would like then follow the instructions listed on this page.



Tribal Dolphin Windshield Decal Blue - PROMO # WDTDOL1BLU

Tribal Dragon Back Window Decal Blue - PROMO # WDTDG1BLU 

Tribal Ram Windshield Decal Red - PROMO # WDTD1RD   

Tribal Dragon Windshield Decal Silver - PROMO # WDTD1SLV   

Tribal Dragon Windshield Graphic Silver - PROMO # WDTD2SLV

Tribal Dragon Windshield Sticker Silver - PROMO # WDTD3SLV  

Tribal Mitsubishi Evo Lancer Decal Silver - PROMO # WDEV1SLV

Tribal Scion Windshield Graphic Silver - PROMO # WDTS1SLV

Tribal Scion Windshield Sticker Silver - PROMO # WDTS2SLV   

Tribal Scion Windshield Decal Red - PROMO # WDTS1RD

View the FREE window decals and graphics HERE.  



Tribal Dragon Hood Decal Blue - PROMO # HDTD1BLU

Mitsubishi Flames Hood Decal White - PROMO # HDEV1WHT  

Tribal Dragon Hood Graphic Black - PROMO # HDTD1BLK 

Joker Hood Decal Lime Green - PROMO # HDJK1LGRN 

Joker Jester Hood Decal Pink - PROMO # HDJK1PNK 

Tribal Ram Hood Decal Kit Yellow - PROMO # HDTR1YLW 

Tribal Dragon Hood Graphic Black - PROMO # HDTD1BLK 

View the FREE hood decals and auto graphics HERE.



Joker Side Graphics Kit Red - PROMO # SKJK1RD 

Joker Side Decals Kit White - PROMO # SKJK1WHT

Swirly Curls 2 Side Kit Yellow - PROMO # SKSC2YLW

Ram Flames Side Decals Kit Red - PROMO # SKTD1RD 

Dragon Flames Side Graphics Kit Silver - PROMO # SKTD1SLV 

Daisies Side Graphics Kit Silver - PROMO # SKTD1SLV 

Tribal Flames Black - PROMO # SKTD1BLK 

View the FREE side decal kits and graphics HERE.



Accent Racing Stripe Decals Purple - PROMO # RSAS1PRP 

Accent Racing Stripe Decals Kit Black - PROMO # RSAS1BLK

Accent Racing Stripe Graphics Silver - PROMO # RSAS1SLV 

Flower Stripe 1 Racing Kit Black - PROMO # FSAS1BLK

 View the FREE racing stripe decals HERE.




The FREE decals, graphics, and ??? in our SCAVENGER HUNT section are awarded to those that can follow online clues. To learn more CLICK on one of the links below!

FREE Surprise ? Hood Decal Kit - Black 

FREE Surprise ? Side Graphics Kit - Black

FREE Surprise ? Limited Edition Artwork






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Check out all of the FREE decals and FREE graphics available right now to you!


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Many props and a very big thank you to all of our Sponsors and the FREE decals and FREE graphics they provide. Thank you all for the excellent work they do for the car scene!

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